For renting an apartment at Dream View Estate for longer periods we offer excellent conditions, with large discounts. Especially for digital nomads – those fortunate people working in ICT who can basically work from anywhere in the world as they do all their work through internet. Telemarketers, programmers, and other techies and ICT buffs take heed: we have fiber-optic cable; our cable company can provide up to 100 MB download and 20 MB upload speed.

When you are one of those digital nomads, consider spending those cold winters up North in a nice warm, quiet place, surrounded by nature, with a tremendous view! And should you want entertainment: it’s just a 15 minute drive to town.

We have had several such digital nomads already, for up to a year, and they all loved our place.

Long term renters get a sizeable discount on our rental rates. You can rent an apartment for as little as $800 a month without AC (but with fans) and $900 with AC. Note AC is not necessary from November until April, as nights are cool; thereafter it’s a bit warmer and some people will want it.

Renting an apartment also gives access to our large communal pool (15 meter / 50 feet long), with social area. We also have our own organic produce, vegetables and fruits, in which you are welcome to share. So at Dream View Estate you can lead not only a pleasant but also a healthy life: not only re. food but also with clean air in an almost pristine environment.

If you can work from any place in the world or, for that matter, if you want to retire and live in a beautiful, friendly country with a lovely climate, you should really consider the Dominican Republic. And more specifically, renting an apartment with us in Dream View Estate!

Or even better, invest in our real estate – if you have the means, why not buy a villa with two apartments? You can rent out the other apartment, or rent out both when you’re not there. Alternatively, you may want to invest in buying a lot and building a home in Dream View Estate – we’ll be happy to help out.

Finally, not only for digital nomads wanting to spend time abroad but also for retirees and others: if you have the financial possibility you may want to consider buying a few of our 20 building lots. You can buy it as an investment and sell it at a later point in time, when prices have gone. Investing in our place is a great idea, as land values are going up rapidly, and will skyrocket once the road leading up to our property will be asphalted. That’s bound to happen sometime the coming 2-3 years, we will keep you posted. But the time to buy is now: we will raise our m2 prices by some 50% as soon as the road is under construction.

Of course, if you buy more than one lot you can keep one for yourself and sell the others later when prices have gone up. Think about it – but first, come and check us out!