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We, the current owners-managers, are not professional real estate developers or managers, and have no real intention or interest in becoming so. As explained elsewhere on this website we kind of rolled into this: we were looking for a home, but fell in love with the location – the view, nature, the quiet – and ended up buying a much larger area than we intended.

So rather than us managing the development we would like to transfer it to ecologically-minded people with a genuine interest in eco-friendly real estate management and development, with maximal preservation of the natural environment. We are therefore willing to sell the entire development, with the exception of the lots already sold and our own home.

Options for expansion

There is the possibility to enlarge the development by purchasing adjacent land, as the owners are willing to sell. Investors should take note: especially once the road is asphalted, which is bound to happen sometime in the coming years, the area is certain to develop, allowing Puerto Plata to expand and to host the growing flow of expatriates living part time or full time on the Dominican North Coast.

 Also, because of the natural environment and peace and quiet the project would lend itself very well for the (partial) development of a retreat and/or wellness centre. This could be done on part of the land, with the remainder, as currently, being used as building land for individual homes.

Options for buying

1. Commercial part of the project

When talking about selling the project we are talking about the sale of the building lots, the green area and communal area, and the communal infrastructure. Total price for these lots, the communal land and the communal infrastructure is US$ 1,1 million.

This price is built up as follows:

  1. Building lots: US 40 / m2; total area approx. 2,5 ha, price: US$ 1,000,000 depending on the number of lots already sold
  2. Communal infrastructure and green areas, consisting of:
    a. Services building, pool area and the land around it, approx. 2300 m2
    b. A green area of approx. 4000 m2, with rocks, forest and a well
    Total price for a) and b): US$ 500,000
    Total price of 1 and 2:  US$ 1.5 million, depending on the number of lots already sold.

3. Natural areas

Optionally, the project can be expanded with the two natural areas with forest and rock formations that are marked a darker green on the map. The first area consists of the area on which, on the map below, the lots with numbers 32-35 have been marked. This subdivision has never been made and no longer applies, so should be ignored; the total area measures 1,7 ha and as such has its title. Likewise for the second area, which on the map below, covers lots 21-27, and measures 1,35 ha.

This land can be sold under the condition that the natural state of the land is maintained. One or two homes could be built among the trees, with only minimal damage to the vegetation. Removing a few trees to open up the building area and some pruning to open up a view would be allowed, but not more than that. Any building plans are to be reviewed by and agreed upon with the current Dream View Estate management.

The price of this land, i.e. of the two areas of 0,7 ha and 1,35 ha, is US$ 15 / m2. For the first area (lots 32-35 on the map) this implies a rounded down price of US$ 100,000, for the second area (lots 21-27 on the map) a price of US$ 200,000.

Total price for green areas: US$ 300,000

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