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Pool Area

Dream View Estate has a communal pool area, with a large infinity swimming pool of 6 * 15 meter (which allows for a real swim, not just a bath!), a Jacuzzi, and a children’s pool. There are ample terraces (close to 130m2), a gazebo with bar, refrigerator and bar stools, and deck chairs, regular chairs and tables. In short: everything needed for a relaxed morning, afternoon or evening at the pool, with a terrific view over the ocean, Puerto Plata, and the surrounding hills! Use of the pool area is included in the service costs.

Organic Produce

We have a vegetable garden and an area under cultivation for other edible crops, such as various species of banana and plantain, pumpkin, arrow root, cassava, sweet potato, passion fruit, and others, all organically grown.  The remaining area is covered with forest, hard wood, fruit trees (especially mango), cocoa, some coffee and other tree species. Community members are welcome to share in the produce in exchange for a contribution to the cost of cultivation.


The project has its own water source. A system of ponds and cisterns (in the pool area, among others under the gazebo and pool terraces) has been built for catchment of rain water. We are connected to an aqueduct managed by the Puerto Plata water company, but this project has been dysfunctional for several years. It may at some point become operational again, which will increase the water supply. However, the project aims for self-reliance, especially considering the expected effects of climate change on the DR. We advise home builders to construct a large cistern under their home for storing rain water collected from the roof.


There is electricity from the grid about 16 hours a day. For the remaining 8 hours, usually spread over two periods, an inverter and batteries are required. Each home is expected to have its own inverter and batteries lasting at least six hours with regular use, so as to cover the periods the electricity company does not supply energy through the grid.

There is a generator in case the batteries run out after a longer than normal interruption of supply from the grid. Solar is definitely an option for those willing to invest in it.


We have not had any safety issues since starting the project in 2011. We have good alarm systems in the two homes, our staff is armed, and we have good ties with the neighbouring community. We communicate through two-way radios and use our cell phones as a back-up.

Internet and Cable TV

We had fibre-optic cable installed for broadband internet, so digital nomads pay heed: we can offer up to 100 MB download and 20MB upload speed! We have Cable TV offering a broad range of channels, and of course via your own subscription you can also get Netflix.  


Dream View Estate is located in he hills to the Southwest of Puerto Plata, looking out over the city. It’s about three miles / five kilometres from San Marcos, a township in the western part of Puerto Plata city, located about 1 km from the main highway traversing the Dominican North Coast. Travel time from Dream View Estate to the highway is about 15 minutes; it’s another 5 to 10 minutes to the centre of Puerto Plata and about five minutes to the nearest beach, called Costambar.

The last three miles / five km of road leading up to the property consists is not asphalted. It was well constructed in its time but poorly maintained. Today it’s quite passable, especially with a 4WD. Overall the quality of the road varies, sometimes some superficial maintenance is done and the road is in good shape, but because the drains are not functional anymore heavy rain deteriorates the road quickly, creating gullies. There is a good possibility of the road being asphalted in the coming years.

Service costs

Starting January 2023 the monthly service fee is US$ 250. This amount includes security services, water supply, generator back-up if there is no electricity from the grid for a prolonged period of time and the batteries run out, and use of the pool and surrounding recreation area. Depending on operating costs an additional fee for use of the pool area may at some point be necessary.

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