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Dream View Estate is a 6.2 ha (15 acres, 100 tareas) real estate development located in he hills to the Southwest of Puerto Plata, looking out over the city. It’s about three miles / five kilometers from San Marcos, a township in the western part of Puerto Plata city. San Marcos is just one km off the main highway traversing the Dominican North Coast.






Apart from the staff house there are presently two villas on Dream View Estate, on lots of 2800 m2 and 1900 m2. Both villas have a spectacular view over the city, the ocean, and surrounding mountains, including Mount Isabel de Torres.

Both villas have two floors and two bedrooms. They are built for use either as a single four bedroom home or for use as two apartments; there is an internal staircase that can be closed off with a door. Therefore the homes lend themselves well for living in one apartment and renting out the other. Both villas are well-built and finished, meeting the highest standards. They are equipped for comfortable living with all amenities, have large windows and doors offering spectacular views, and are fully screened.


One of the villas and three of the four apartments are for rent. We cater in particular to digital nomads; we can offer excellent internet with a download speed of up to 100MB and an upload speed of 20MB. Come and stay with us for a few months, or longer, work and enjoy the great climate, wonderful nature and easy living of the Caribbean!

Building Land

About 3.5 of the 6.2 hectares have been earmarked as building land and have been subdivided in 21 lots, each with title, varying in size from 850 m2 to 1500 m2. Those interested in having a larger lot can buy two, three or four lots. All these lots have 180 degrees views over the city, the surrounding hills and mountains, and the ocean.

We also have two larger forested areas, to be sold only on condition that the forest is maintained, with only minimal cutting of trees to make room for one or two homes.

Building Land


Social Area


Communal Area

We have a 2300 m2 social area, also with a great view. On one end we have constructed a pool area, with a community pool of 6 by 15 meters, a 36 m2 gazebo and ample terraces. On the other end of the communal area is a home with two apartments for our two full time guards – gardeners – maintenance staff, Junior and José. They also manage our vegetable garden and subsistence plot from which we harvest organic produce which community members are welcome to share in. Their home also houses a large 95 m3 (25,000 gallon) cistern and the project generator.


The remaining area, about 2.5 ha, is covered with forest and fruit trees and has large rock formations. This area could be divided in larger lots; the view could be opened partially or entirely by selective pruning and felling. An area of 0.4 ha will be preserved as a “green area”, in line with Dominican real estate development regulations.

forest and fruit trees

green area


The Owners – Managers

The owners-managers of Dream View Estate are Cristina and Frans Doorman, of Dominican and Dutch nationality. We’re not professional developers: we were looking for a home, visited our present place, fell in love with the views, the forest, the tranquility, the fresh breezes – what a difference from living in town!

We have been living at Dream View Estate since 2012, and live in the upper apartment of one of the villas. The villa is for sale; if and when we sell we use the proceeds to build yet another dream home.

How we ended up with a project

Since we could not buy a single lot with a villa we had to buy from the then-owner, who had to sell for health reasons, the entire 2.2 ha property. We remodeled and expanded the existing structures into the two villas and the staff and service building, and in 2012 started living in one of the villas. We now spend there about eight months of the year.





In 2012 we had the opportunity to purchase an additional 4 hectares of land to the northeast, meaning down the hill from our original 2.2 hectares, and we did, to ensure our view would not be taken away by other developers. That’s how we arrived at the present 6.2 hectares. It’s in this new area where most of the lots with title are located, in an open landscape with pasture and a few trees measuring about 2.6 ha. The remaining 1.4 ha is forested, with several rock formations.


As said, we bought our project not so much to turn it into a commercial real estate development as to live there ourselves. The idea was to develop the project further by getting other, like-minded people interested in living here: in a natural, peaceful environment. It is still an open question for us how this is going to be done. We are not professional real estate managers, and therefore not interested in managing the project indefinitely. This is why we offer the whole project for sale. However, we certainly intend to keep living here ourselves.

Home owners association

Alternatively we could look into forming some kind of Home Owners Association with the other community members. That becomes a more feasible option one of those members living there permanently would be interested in taking over the day-to-day management. So different options are still on the table.

Dream View Villa

Octagon Villa


Project DVE

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