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Dominican Republic: paradise at a bargain!

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful island nation with an agreeable tropical climate, covered with lush vegetation. With Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico it makes up the Greater Antilles: the larger islands in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic (DR) takes up the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with Haiti.



Dominican Republic: past and present

On his first trip Columbus landed on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Shortly after the current capital, Santo Domingo, became the first permanent European settlement in the Americas and Spain’s first capital in the New World. After a turbulent history, with three centuries of Spanish rule, Haitian and US occupations, and various dictatorships in the first half of the 20th Century, the Dominican Republic is now a stable democracy. Its agreeable climate, nice and fun-loving people, beautiful nature and lovely beaches have made it a favored tourist destination. It is also increasingly a place for retirees from up North to spend the winter or settle permanently. A rapidly growing group of visitors is that of “cosmopolitans”: people who work through internet and therefore are not bound to a particular location for their work.



Why to visit and settle in the Dominican Republic

In comparison with other Caribbean destinations the Dominican Republic offers major advantages. As a larger island transected by several mountain ranges it has a variety of beautiful landscapes and natural parks. It also has many remains of its rich colonial history, especially in Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo and Santiago, the second city, are known for their cultural activities.

The cost of living and of real estate is low in comparison to the smaller Caribbean islands and other tourist and retiree destinations, such as Costa Rica. Moreover, many people speak English, and the government actively promotes real estate development, tourism, and retirees to come and settle. Taxes are low and regulation minor. In short, the Dominican Republic is the choice place not only for short term visits, but also for living and working through internet (internet services are rapidly improving), retirement and developing or purchasing real estate.




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