Dream View Villa

Key Data:

Area covered: 361 m2

Area with terrace / balcony: 490 m2

No. bedrooms: 6

Bathrooms: 6 ½

Price: US $ 420,000

Lot size: 2816 m2


This is a six bedroom, two level villa. The total roofed area is 360 square meters, with an additional 129 square meters of terraces. The villa has three apartments, each with two bedrooms and its own social area and entrance. The apartments can also be combined. The top level measures 270 square meters (one square meter is 10.76 square feet), including a 94 square meter terrace. The bottom level measures 220 square meters, including a 35 square meter terrace. The home is equipped with a 15 panel solar system feeding back to the grid, with a battery bank.

Top Floor

The top floor of this villa has a large open living and dining area of 77 square meters featuring magnificent views of the green hills below, Puerto Plata, the ocean, and Mount Isabel de Torres. Sliding doors open to the terrace with that same beautiful view. There is an ample kitchen, done entirely in mahogany. To the back of the house are two generous bedrooms, of 22 and 19 square meters, each with its own bathroom and walk-in closet.

Ground Floor

The lower floor of this villa features two two-bed-room apartments. The main apartment, on the ocean side, has great views from all rooms, on the garden, Puerto Plata and the ocean. It has a living and dining area with an open kitchen of 34 square meters, and two bedrooms, of 23 and 18 square meters, with walk-in closets and bathrooms. There is also a guest toilet. The social area has sliding doors opening onto the terrace, with a beautiful view similar to that of the upper floor.

The second, smaller apartment has a souterrain living area and one bedroom, total area about 30 m2. To this unit a second bedroom can be added of about 10 m2. This second bedroom can also be used as a maid’s quarter. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and closet.

The lower floor also has a laundry area and an ample storage room, measuring about 16 m3.

The two apartments on the lower floor can be joined internally through doors and a short hallway. The second bedroom of the souterrain apartment can also be linked to the first apartment, using that same door and hallway.

The second lower floor apartment and the storage room were added only recently, in 2021, As the map on the right is older these areas are not depicted in detail but marked in brown. The storage area covers about two-thirds of the brown coloured space on the left; the souterrain apartment the brown-coloured space on the right. The central brown coloured area is a service area with electricity inverters, batteries, a water pump and storage.


We, Cristina and Frans, owner-managers of Dream View Estate, currently live in the top floor apartment of this home. It’s for sale because, even though we enjoy living in it, the lay-out, based on the rectangular home we got from the previous owner is not what we had in mind for our own home. Which is why we’d build a new home exactly to our liking.

However, we will not be able to make the home available until 2025. This is because we do not have time to start constructing a new home until the second half of 2023, or possibly 2024. We then need at least a year, preferably somewhat longer, to build a new home – as otherwise we’ll be homeless. Also, we will need a down payment of half the selling price – US$200,000 – to be able to start building that new home.

So the best fit with potential buyers for our home is with people who are looking for moving in within a few years, while being willing and able to make a 50% down payment some 18 months before moving in.

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