The lower floor of Villa 1 and both floors of Villa 2, the octagon, or that villa as a whole, are for rent. All three are listed on Airbnb. We prefer renting through Airbnb for ease of pay (we do not manage credit cards ourselves).


Here are the links to our Airbnb listings:

Apartment 1:

Apartment 2:

Apartment 3:

Villa (octagon):

Master bedroom:



We cater especially to digital nomads – people who can work from anywhere in the world where there is internet. Rent with us and spend a couple of months or longer in an apartment with all facilities, in a natural, healthy environment in a warm climate, with a large swimming pool a stone’s throw away!


We have very reasonable renting rates, and very attractive long term rates – see table below.

ApartmentPer night – 2 minimumWeekMonth> 3 months, per month
Villa 1 upper120 / night60014001100
Villa 1 lower90 / night4501200900
Villa 1 complete200 / night90024001900
Villa 2 upper90 / night4501200900
Villa 2 lower90 / night4501200900
Villa 2 complete160 / night80021001600

Note: The apartment we live in (top floor of Villa 1) and Villa 1 as a whole may be for rent when we are away for longer periods of time.  Please check with us.

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