The lower floor of Villa 1 and the top floor of Villa 2, the octagon are for rent. These units are listed on Airbnb. We prefer renting through Airbnb for ease of pay (we do not manage credit cards ourselves).

When we are away for a few months we also rent our apartment or our villa, for a minimum of two weeks and up to three months.

For our home there is also the possibility to rent just one of the bedrooms, with use of the social area. You then have to share the apartment with renters of the other room or with us – we sometimes use one of the rooms as an office.

As we advertise our place as a place of peace and quiet, we also ask our guests to abide by certain norms.  Of course you’re free to play music inside your apartment or villa – as long as you ensure it’s not at such high volume the noise bothers the neighbors.

The pool and pool area are shared between the two villas, the villas do no have private pools. As we offer peace and quiet, and it is quiet, meaning that sound carries far, it is not allowed to have music and shouting in the pool area or outside of the home, especially not at night.

If you want a private pool and want to party with music and drink, there are more suitable places than ours!

Here are the links to our Airbnb listings:

Villa 1
Lowe Apt.Lovely apartment with garden and great ocean view:
Souterrain Apt.Souterrain apartment:
Master bedroom great ocean view:
Our apt.Large, beautiful apartment with great ocean view: Only July and August – when owners are abroad
Entire VillaLarge, beautiful villa with great ocean view: Only July and August – when owners are abroad
Villa 2 (Octagon)
Top floorApartment with large balcony and great ocean view:

Digital nomads and retirees:

We cater especially to longer term renters – digital nomads and retirees who want to spend part or all of the year in a beautiful warm country such as the Dominican Republic. Rent with us and spend a couple of months or longer in an apartment with all facilities, in a natural, healthy environment in a warm climate, with a large swimming pool a stone’s throw away!

For digital nomads: we have 20MB download and 5 MB upload speed, but can arrange for packages of up to 100MB download and 20MB upload.


We have very reasonable renting rates, and very attractive long term rates – see table below, rates in US$.

ApartmentRate per nightWeekly rateMonthly rateLong term rate > 3 months, per monthMinimum stay
Villa 1 lower90500135011003 nights
Villa 1 Souterrain90450135011003 nights
Bedroom60300900-3 nights
Master bedroom703501050-3 nights
Villa 1 upper-6501900-2 weeks
Villa 1 complete-12003250-2 weeks
Villa 2 upper90450135011003 nights

Note: Long term rates have an allowance for electricity use – consumption above that allowance is to be paid separately by the renter. Even though we have solar, we’d like to stimulate renters to use energy sparingly. To achieve this we ask our renters to not leave on AC’s and other equipment unnecessarily, and by turning off the hot water switch after showering..

Dream View Villa

Octagon Villa


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