Three weeks ago, in our previous blog, we reported it had finally started to rain. With an exclamation mark, as we had had a major drought at Dream View Estate and in the North Coast as a whole. 

Well, we had a few showers, but only one good one. We collected the water from our roofs and managed to fill up our cisterns somewhat. Will keep us going for a few weeks; at least we don’t have to buy water anymore. For now. 

We planted some crops – vegetables, beans. And then, in spite of the predictions of more rain: blue skies again. A few clouds, but rain? A few drops, just to torture the plants, not enough even to get to the roots.

Nice for tourists and other visitors, but we need more rain!  For our vegetables, our beans, our other plants and trees, and to fill up our cisterns. 

Are we among the early victims of climate change? Will keep you informed on how this will play out.