Good news – it has finally started to rain! Over the past year we have had a major drought at Dream View Estate, and of course, its surroundings. Everyone has had to buy water, even we, though only a few times and most of it for a luxury purpose: to keep the pool filled. But if you have guests through Airbnb, who rented one of our villas for most of August, the height of the dry spell, what can one do? The pool is one of the main attractions, you’ll have to make sure it is filled.

We should have made it through the drought with the rain water we collected from the roofs of our homes last year. Which was stored in our cisterns, with a total volume of close to 100,000 gallons. However, in the first year of operation of our pool we lost, through various mishaps, a sizeable amount of water through the overflow of our infinity pool. Oh well, live and learn.

But if the rains hold up – it’s predicted more will fall the coming weeks – and we get a few big ones the coming months we should be able to fill up our cisterns before the next dry spell. And we have good hope with that we’ll sweat out that one – will keep you informed!