Cristina has said it from early on: we should make our land produce. Lots of room and opportunity for cultivating crops, for home use, distributing among Cristina’s family, for our caretakers and their families, and for visitors. And who knows, for sale. So now, at the start of the rainy season, our caretakers have planted vegetables, banana, plantain, cassava, taro, tania (the latter three are root crops, and are consumed in ways comparable to potato), sweet potato, and lemon grass. And of course there are the avocado’s, mango’s (lots of them), oranges, limes and other citrus fruits, bread fruit, guava, guanabana (sour sack), and our own cocoa and coffee. So buy a home or build one in Dream View Estate, and share in the bounty the land offers! Or to start with, drop buy, view our and hopefully, your project and share a meal with us!