It’s been a while since we’ve gotten around to writing a blog, but here goes. The occasion is our communal pool area: among others thanks to payments for the second home, the octagon, we’ve managed to complete it! We started in 2017, had to stop the work for lack of funds, but managed to continue in 2018, with the final touches given in the month of November.

One reason for the delay was that costs increased due to our combining the pool with a series of cisterns under the terraces and gazebo. These we’ll fill with rain water collected from the roofs and water from our well. That will get us and our co-owners and renters through even a prolonged drought while still being able to use the pool.

Also, we are working on road improvements to improve access to the lots that are for sale. We’ll continue and expand on that when lots are sold to ensure good access for the buyers.