It’s that season of the year again – mango time! We’re swimming in mangos. All day long and if it’s a bit windy, also at night (when we’re awake) we hear the thuds of mangos dropping from the many trees we have here. We pick them up, eat them fresh, make juice, peel and freeze. But we can handle only a fraction of what comes down. We really need more people up here! And we’ve got to think of something to do with this bounty. Since mango trees all over the area are also producing fruit, selling is difficult – there is just too much mango on the market. We don’t have a big freezer, so freezing is not really an option either. We’ve read that cattle and pigs like them, but even the owners of these farm animals in the neighborhood won’t take the trouble to come and collect them at Dream View Estate – they’ve got their own mango trees. Composting works only partly, the seeds do not compost easily. On the other hand, the seeds are valuable sources of oil and other nutrients – but there’s no industry here to process them. Suggestions anyone?