Dominicans and non-Dominicans interested in investing in real estate really should consider doing so in the Dominican Republic. It has the lowest real estate prices in the Caribbean, it’s a beautiful country, has the best beaches, good services and fun-loving people. For buying a home or land the DR is the place!

As for Dream View Estate, we have two homes for sale – in case you choose to come and live here in the near future. If you have a longer term perspective, consider buying one of the 20 large building lots we have for sale, with sizes between 900 and 1500 m2, all fully titled. We can build your home there for you, or you can build your own; we’ll be happy to help you out as much as we can.

Presently we sell those lots for US$40 per m2. But prices will go up once the road leading up to our property will be asphalted, which we expect to happen sometime the coming 2-3 years. But the time to buy is now: our m2 prices may go up by as much as 50% as soon as the road is under construction.

So as someone with money to spare and an interest in investing it you may want to consider buying one or more lots now, to sell within a few years when the road has been put in. Very possibly you will double your money. Especially since, if you buy more than three lots, we’re willing to give you a sizeable discount on the m2 price.

If we were good business people we should hold on to all our property ourselves, so as to sell at the expected much higher prices later on. We’ve considered that, but also want to continue developing Dream View Estate, and need the money to do so. So we offer others the option to share in profit-making by buying now.

Real estate investors also take note: we are also willing to sell our entire 6 hectare project. That’s because we aren’t professional real estate developers but kind of rolled into this. Both of us have other interests we’d like to pursue; real estate development is not our specialty, and we lack the capital for expansion. So we’d be happy to sell. However, if the developer buying our place would want us to we could still make ourselves available to help in management and in further developing and expanding the project by adding more homes and terrain. Note that if we sell we intend to continue living on the property ourselves, as we really love this place and do not want to leave!

Of course, what applies to land prices also applies to the project as a whole: values of land and homes will go up sharply once the road is asphalted. At least as important, real estate investors do not need to content themselves just with our six hectares / 15 acres / 100 tareas, as there are great possibilities to turn our project into a much larger development. Surrounding land is for sale at minimal prices, so there is huge potential for expansion. And again: the area is ideally located: a quiet, rural environment, great views, at only a 10-15 minutes drive from Puerto Plata city.

Once the road is asphalted real estate prices may well double in no time. And if you buy our entire project now you get a major discount on the m2 prices of the land. So this is the right moment for investing in an up-and-coming real estate project – Dream View Estate!